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inVibe has built an end-to-end market research platform specifically for the healthcare industry. Their innovative voice-response technology was designed to remove the barriers presented by traditional market research methods, helping industry decision makers gather rich insights quickly and easily, so they can respond to ever-changing market dynamics whenever the need arises.

Joint offerings

NSF and inVibe bring a groundbreaking set of tools and skills to enable clients to effectively gather, analyze, and plan with real-time, targeted customer insights. Using inVibe‘s proprietary platform — including deep participant panels and voice-analysis tools — NSF behaviorists and health educators uncover the meaning behind survey responses. Examining data from this lens has helped clients quickly and distinctly address prime customer issues, such as fostering stakeholder emotion or repairing disconnects between stakeholders. Our joint deliverables typically include customer behavioral assessments, sentiment trackers, creative testing, and patient-physician disconnect maps.

the marketing agents

The Marketing Agents

The Marketing Agents (TMA) is a healthcare communications and technology consultancy with a network of partners that allows them to provide clients with innovative healthcare marketing solutions in the areas of brand engagement, social media, mobile, and digital. They bring a high level of seasoned client service and project management expertise to every engagement, differentiating themselves from the traditional agency service model.

Joint offerings

Through our partnership with The Marketing Agents, we bring clients a mix of hands-on guidance during planning and innovation cycles, along with a suite of proven technology partners that have successfully executed innovative, revenue-generating programs in highly regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical environments. Senior solution leads from NSF and The Marketing Agents collaborate to deliver pragmatic solutions and models that drive customer insights and behavior. Some of these include foundational playbooks, predictive multichannel content delivery, video scoring algorithms, and multichannel customer insights development.


Within3 is dedicated to improving the vital partnership necessary for better healthcare outcomes. Their advanced collaboration software solutions allow life sciences and other healthcare organizations to communicate safely and seamlessly with external stakeholders – including physicians, patients, allied health professionals, payers, and healthcare executives. Over 30 pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading medical organizations, rely on Within3 for better communication results.

Joint offerings

Our unique partnership with Within3 allows us to get even close to the true beliefs and insights for healthcare professionals. Having access to this collaboration enables life sciences market research and intelligence teams to quickly and cost-effectively gain clinical and behavioral insights through the Within3 commercial suite. Within3 and New Solutions Factory’s NEXT™ Tools – Next-Gen Physician Insight and Engagement Solutions are available in as little time as three weeks from launch.

Alpha 1C

Alpha 1C provides goal-based predictive modeling and analytics services to address both the strategic and financial issues facing pharma marketers, finance and senior management.  Alpha 1C provides a comprehensive, tiered modeling approach to planning and distributing patient incentive copay offers, as well as robust, quick-to-market analytics dashboards which can be used for geo-targeting and multichannel marketing programs.

Joint offerings

Working with the team at Alpha 1C helps New Solutions Factory blend behavioral science with deep data-sets of campaign responses and prescribing-habit trends. Our partnership spans across many disciplines in life sciences, powered by scalable Alpha 1C modeling tools. This relationship offers us the unique ability to integrate marketing best practices and customer behavior models into reporting, with action-plans that can influence creative, strategy, and investment allocations. Together, we bring clients a ‘1-2 punch’ with data and 360° customer insights, in context.


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