We offer a varied set of existing tools and models based on a combination of our years of experience and the robust analogs of customer behavior from our data partners to enable stealth, efficient and more accurate planning and investment allocation

Behavioral Consulting

Drive measurable returns from marketing efforts by using behavioral science models to predict and understand customer experiences and actions
– Understand your value to customers
– Health Literacy and Adult Learning evaluations
– Drive change in loyalty, Rx, lifetime value

  • Persona development, customer journeys, intra-customer intercept mapping
  • Behavior-change model recommendations with engagement mapping
  • Audience segmentation based on attitudinal and behavioral overlays
  • Brandscape: Pinpointing the strategic mind-space that a brand should own to make the most impact
  • Health Literacy audit, consulting, to measurably increase the consumer’s ability to comprehend and use health information

Customer Insights & Analytics

Layer traditional market research with stores of data-sets and behavioral theory to map opportunities and disconnects most critical to success. We apply behavioral theory with market research best practices understand customers and align understanding behavior drivers vs ‘reactions’. We bridge traditional research with analogs and models steeped in behavioral science. We are able to very quickly distill landscape trends into actionable opportunity with scalable investments

  • Behavioral assessments and predictive performance
  • Segment Typing tools and behavioral psychology-based surveys
  • Audience segmentation based on attitudinal and behavioral overlays
  • Emotional brand drivers map overlap to behavior patterns, audience hyper-targeting, lift analysis
  • Field training content planning and optimization leveraging adult learning and behavior-based selling tools
  • Content and data hierarchies, media consumption models layered with primary and secondary research
  • Social listening, monitoring, and online behavioral analysis overlayed with offline, corollary behaviors
  • True-to-life identity plans that create ‘trustmarks’ that appeal to the mind & senses subconsciously (unspoken truths)

Relationship Marketing (MCRM) Leadership

Create emotional connection, measurable response and long-term value through application of strategic, proven marketing principles and tools rooted in behavioral science. Drive effective reach, measurable return, and significant cost savings from multichannel programs. Improve existing program efficiencies.

  • Quick-turnaround multichannel landscapes (digital, print, mobile, search, social, wearables), integrated promotional, multi-stakeholder ecosystems and trend reporting
  • Measurement planning, assess integration into overall efforts including Response Prediction, Engagement Scoring
  • Brand/franchise message positioning development based in behavioral and health psychology
  • Playbooks, multichannel marketing and social media governance documents, legal and regulatory preparation for concept reviews with analogs
  • Technology audits and recommendations (Veeva, Eloqua, Salesforce, etc.),
    Action-driven multichannel campaign measurement
  • Customer service programs excellence guidance (evaluation, contracting,
    integration, approval, training and refinement)


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