NSF Mobile Opportunity Assessment

Are you a healthcare leader seeking to gain competitive advantage through mobile strategy?

What you get: the NSF Mobile Opportunity Assessment provides you with mobile channel and behavioral insights unique to your category, and actionable recommendations you can put to use right away as you are planning mobile programs in 2017.

In the sample download, we’ll give you a taste of how our behaviorists, marketing strategists, and analysts sift through layers of available data and distill them into concise, customized answers to pressing mobile business questions:

Why are we seeing a decrease in mobile engagement from our physician and patient targets?
Should we invest in building apps for our customer base or focus on the mobile web?
How can we use mobile to establish our brand as patient-centric leaders within our category?

Drive physician and patient behavior

The Mobile Opportunity Assessment can help your team create mobile offerings that anticipate and address customer needs, barriers, and motivators

Identify the right metrics to measure impact

Go beyond ‘views’ and ‘downloads’ to prioritize metrics that effectively capture customer intent

Learn from market leaders

Integrate mobile business cases and analogues from dozens of healthcare categories

Download Sample Opportunity Assessment

Click below for immediate access to the sample Mobile Assessment, in PDF format. The sample contains analysis of recent market data, including “Top Reasons for Physician Adoption of Mobile Health” and “Use of Smartphones for Selected Clinical Activities.”

“NSF thinking and guidance allowed us to create a highly differentiated mobile offering for physicians, which became critical to our success and helped us achieve double-digit brand growth in a stagnant category.”

-Lisa S., brand director

“Our Assessment and partnership with New Solutions Factory produced some of the best insights about our business I’ve seen since working here. Thought-provoking and practical.”

-Jason L., director of marketing


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