Improving selling behaviors

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer found its sales force challenged to make headway with specific types of physicians across their portfolio. Field Reps typically relied on product-centric tools and objection handling and questioning training, but remained unable to influence target prescribing behaviors. In turn, they were losing market share and saw decreased HCP loyalty. By auditing sales training curricula and tools, we recognized the manufacturer lacked a customer-centric selling model.


NSF instituted behavioral-based training modules and customer segmentation training, while recommending interactive tools that would help reps approach calls with physician concerns at the center. In turn, as the field force instituted their new skillset, they began enjoying incremental wins within as little as 30 days from rollout. The field experienced a more engaged target through tailored conversations and problem-solving skills as tracked by surveys and then overall sales impact. With increased strength in their customer relationships, the manufacturer experienced a shift in target attitude and a turnaround in sales within 90 days of the program launch. Behavioral-based training is now a foundational theme across the manufacturer’s portfolio.

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